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Botox Dentistry

When you think about Botox, you think about cosmetic procedures that make you look younger, but have you noticed that it also freezes the muscles in the face to prevent wrinkling? That’s exactly what you want when injecting Botox in dentistry.

Did you know that Botox is now used for Dental Procedures?

Botox can be used in a dental office when it is part of a comprehensive treatment plan within a dental scope of practice and not as a stand-alone procedure. Our Oral Surgeon is licensed and trained to administer; he is certified to do injections for oral purposes.

The procedure when performed by trained and certified professionals have zero side effects. Choosing the right doctor for the right procedure is key to avoid disasters from happening.

In dentistry, Botox is used for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) treatment, Bruxism (grinding and clenching), headaches and chronic migraines. It’s a very effective and useful tool to solve some of your oral and facial discomforts.

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So how does it work?

The procedure involves the injection of muscle relaxants in the face. The relaxants in Botox blocks the nerve activates the facial muscles from moving so it eliminated what is causing your clenching, grinding and other oral habits.

Clenching and grinding is a chief cause of TMJ Disorder, snoring and chronic migraines. What a relief from pain and all the effects that result from the bumping and grinding of your teeth.

Getting more sleep and rest makes for such a great successful day! To be pain-free and well rested makes your life so much more productive not to mention the active lifestyle you begin to experience.

Botox may be your alternative choice when other treatments have failed you. Botox is increasing in popularity with the dental population to help treat physical pain and suffering.

So many of our patients don’t know about Botox and the possibility to alleviate some dental problems. Let’s discuss it with your doctor the next time you visit our office. Perhaps your pain relief is just around the corner.

Mention your interest with our team at your next six-month check-up or call any time for an appointment for a consultation.

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