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Dental Bonding

What is Dental Bonding? It’s actually tooth bonding.

A dental bond is a ceramic or acrylic shell that is customized to fit your teeth. If you have chipped, stained, short or space between teeth, this is a wonderful procedure that is the least expensive cosmetic procedure that will make your smile more perfect.

Gone are the days of tolerating unsightly stained and chipped teeth. It’s such an easy and quick way to solve the way your teeth make you feel.

The cost of the veneers (shells) is more than half of what a crown would cost. Gone are the days of giant “Maytag” white crowns (caps) that are so thick and ugly that the glowed in the dark.

How often do you see people with front teeth with metal touching the gum?

The metal turns the gums around the tooth blue and so discolored that it stands out in every picture. There’s an actor that we see in the movies all the time who has one of those crowns in his front tooth and his gums are so blue that the cameras catch it every time.

Replacing that crown will not change the color of his gums. If he would have had bonding done the first time, there would be no metal and there would be no discolored in the gums.

The crown can and should be replaced to match the rest of his teeth. If you have those old fashion crowns, there are so many options out there to change the way they look.

So how does bonding work?

The tooth or teeth are prepared by filing down just the thin top layer of the tooth and impressions are taken to send the models to our laboratory. The lab works on the shade that you and your dental team has selected to match the rest of your teeth or a new shade that will compliment your smile  The ceramic or acrylic shell is then created according to the size and shape of your original tooth.

Upon your return, the veneer is temporarily put on to see if the bonding matches the rest of your teeth and of course, your approval is key. You have to be completely happy with the veneer before the bonding process begins.

How is it applied to your teeth? The bonding agent is cured by a laser beam and will be permanently part of your mouth as long as you care for it. These veneers are permanent once they are cured and bonded. Your oral hygiene is most important to keep them beautiful and bright.

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