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Dr. Fariba Matinfar

D.D.S, M.S.

Meet our Periodontist Dr. Fariba Matinfar who specializes in Dental Implants and Periodontal Disease

Dr. Matinfar and her periodontal team focus on your oral health, hygiene and nutritional health that affects your everyday lifestyle. She is truly concerned about your comfort and will address any concerns you may have in your treatment and the options for the best outcome possible.

Dr. Fariba Matinfar graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry and spend more years in preparation for her specialty in Periodontology.

To go the extra mile, Dr. Mantinfar received her Masters of Science in Oral Biology at UCLA School of Dentistry. She is not only a well-respected Periodontist but is a very active local person and have been in our community for many years.

She is truly an all-around leader with her team and a super gum doctor!

IF you have any questions, please give us a call at (323) 336-8478 or email us at: smiles@dentistlosangeles.com

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