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Dental Extractions

There are times in our lives when dental extractions are necessary to relieve pain and stop the infection.

These are times when an extraction is the best way to preserve the health and integrity of the rest of your mouth as well as your physical health. Chances are that you are in pain and you have gotten to the point of no return. Head and mouth pain is one of the worst events of your life.

Getting to that point has been a long period of decay and recession. Your tooth has been decaying for months if not years so we have to find immediate ways of relieving your misery.

Before an extraction, a digital x-ray (which minimizes radiation) will be taken to determine whether to remove a tooth (in complex cases, a 3-D CT scan may also be required) or try to save it.  Do we pull it or do a root canal to get you out of pain? X-rays will determine the fate of your tooth.

As the realization hits and you come to the realization that you have to remove the tooth, the question of how we proceed comes into question.

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Making the choice of saving a tooth or removing it is difficult but we will go through the journey together. Our team at Wilshire Smile Studio will do our best to diagnose and treat your immediate needs. Getting you out of pain is our priority and removing all infection to avoid further damage is utmost important.

We have addressed why we extract a tooth because of pain but are there other reasons to pull a tooth?

Oh yes, when we have to make room for all your teeth to fit your jaw, we may extract one or multiple teeth. Orthodontists can recommend extractions of teeth before they proceed in beginning your braces. Too many teeth can cause problems with overcrowding and malocclusion. We work with your orthodontist to extract the recommended teeth.

There are also times when you find that your wisdom teeth are becoming a bother. They’re pushing against your back molars and causing food to become lodged in between. We can all live without a little wisdom when they become bothersome. Wisdom tooth extractions may require a bit of brute strength and a bit more anesthesia.

Wilshire Smile Studio offers a variety of anesthesia to get you through your extraction and we also make sure that your healing process goes without a hitch. We will prescribe antibiotics to prevent further infection and pain relievers to get you through the days following the extraction.

We will do our best to relieve your anxiety and restore your good dental health.

If you have any questions or need to make your appointment, please feel free to contact our office by telephone (323) 336-8478 or email us at smiles@dentistlosangeles.com

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