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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental Implants Los Angeles are metal frames which are surgically positioned within the jawbone under the gums. When they are in a place, they do allow the dentist to mount a tooth replacement over them.

The implants will fuse in the jawbone and they will provide stable support for an artificial tooth. Bridges and dentures will be mounted over the implants and cannot shift or slip in the mouth. This will benefit you when you speak or eat. Such a secure fit will help the bridges or dentures together with the individual crowns which are put over the implants. It will feel natural compared to conventional dentures or bridges.

With some people, ordinary dentures and bridges are not comfortable and they are not possible sometimes because they may suffer gagging poor ridges and spots. Besides, the ordinary bridges will be attached over the teeth at each side of the space which is left by the missing tooth. The advantage of an implant is that there is no need to prepare the adjacent teeth to prepare them to let in the new tooth.

If you wish to receive an implant, it is important that your gums be healthy with the bone that supports the implant. You have to commit yourself to ensure that the structure is kept healthy always. Regular dental visits and observing proper oral hygiene is important if you want to enjoy long term success of dental implants.

An implant is normally expensive compared to other tooth replacement options and the insurance carriers may only cover a 10 percent of its fee.

Two types of implants that are known to be safe

Endosteal implants

They are implanted into the jawbone with the help of a surgery. When the gum tissue heals, then a second surgery will be done in order to connect the post to the implants. The artificial tooth will be attached afterward. It can also support a denture or a bridge.

Subperiosteal implants

They do consist of the metal frame which gets fitted in the jawbone below gum tissues. When the gum heals, the frame will become fixed on the jawbone. The posts that are attached on the frame do protrude within the gums. As it happens with the endosteal implants, the artificial teeth will get mounted over the posts.

How the implants get placed?

For a dentist to place the Dental Implants Los Angeles, he has to do it in different phases. The implants start by being screwed within the position of a missing tooth and it will be covered using the gum.

In order to support a replacement tooth, an implant gets screwed using internal screw thread which allows the fitting of different components which offer long term support for bridges, crowns, and dentures.

In a span of three months, a jaw bone will grow over the screw which makes the implant stronger so that it can hold better into the position. Even if some patients may get the implants with the tooth replacement in just one visit, other people may need to wait so that the implant can be incorporated totally before the new tooth can be placed over it.  This is important to ensure that the tooth is stable.

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