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Oral Surgery

The possibility of having oral surgery is frightening for so many people; we need to address some of those concerns.

Under what circumstance do we consider oral surgery?

When does an extraction become oral surgery?

A simple extraction can become a complex oral surgery within minutes. As your doctor goes into the extraction area, the tooth could be so broken down and roots are embedded into the socket.

We could also find that there is pathology under that tooth. Pathology is anything from an infection to cancer. We need to find out what is going on and what steps to take to get that tooth or tissue out from the jaw bone.

Extraction of wisdom teeth is somewhat routine until the teeth become stubborn and we have to take action to get one or all four wisdom teeth out in one appointment.

Keeping the bleeding at a minimum and preventing infection after is something we all think about in these situations.

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Oral Surgeons

Implants are somewhat a specialty for Dr. Saadat. Implants can be placed in one to four areas to get the permanent crowns, bridges, partials or dentures in place within a few appointments.

The All on Four implant procedure will give you immediate temporary partial or dentures during the procedure. Such wonderful technology and development in oral surgery these days.

Bone grafts are a procedure that proceeds implants. There are several ways that we harvest donor sites and one is to get the bone from our patient’s hip. This is a procedure that will need time to heal and pain will be managed during that time. There’s also a bone that has been harvested and prepared for these specific procedures. This is a bit easier because you don’t have to heal from two sites, just the graft site and not the donor site.

The healing period is the same but only in one area.

Irregularities in your jaw that prevent you from comfortably wear your dentures may also result in oral surgery. This is a bit more complicated and your jaw may be sore for a while after the procedure. Doctor Saadat will insure your comfort and ease of stress.

Oral surgery sounds more frightening than it sounds and you will be in good hands when you are in need of any procedure.Dr. Saadat and his team are well trained and use the latest technology to make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We will work together to come up with the best treatment plan to suit your needs and get you back to good dental health.

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