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Periodontal Dentistry


Let’s talk gums. Periodontics refers to gums. The periodontal membrane is the space between our teeth and your jaw bone. We have to keep this membrane clean and bacteria-free so that it supports the roots of your teeth. Your jaw bone is the foundation for all your teeth. Just think of a good foundation for your house. The better your foundation, the stronger your teeth.

Your job is to keep your foundation as strong and disease-free as possible. Good dental hygiene, regular dental check-ups, and nutrition are the best ways to achieve these goals.

Preventing gum disease is our goal at Wilshire Smile Studio. The partnership between you and our professional team is key when keeping up your good dental habits. If you have noticed or have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you will be taking your first steps to arrest and dealing with what is damaged and preventing more harm to your gums and teeth.

Professional Periodontal Dentistry

Our Periodontal team can introduce to you, a variety of non-invasive, minimally invasive treatments and procedures that can get the infection under control and reduce the risk of more serious dental disease. If you decide to leave things untreated, loss of teeth and bone structure result in extensive dental work that is totally avoidable and expensive.

While you may think primarily of your teeth when it comes to your smile, your gums and bone support is even more important. Keeping your gums healthy may just be one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and smile.

Perio disease is not a pretty sight to see. Your teeth will be mobile and your breath unbearable. People will back up further from you to be able to hold a conversation with you. If your teeth are moving and you find space between your teeth, it’s time to come in and have a full evaluation for your entire mouth.

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