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Teeth in One Day

What makes your experience even better than having your perfect smile back in just a single visit?

Now, qualified patients can have implants done in one appointment and leave with new teeth in just one day.

Not everyone qualifies for these restorations, but if you are a qualified patient, you can have your restoration procedure done in one day. No more waiting weeks for healing and lab work to return to the office.

Every dental implant procedure begins with a consultation. Our doctors create a customized treatment plan just for you, and you will learn exactly what dental implants are, the cost of the implant and if you are a candidate for this one-day procedure or if you are a candidate for our conventional implant.

When you and your team have decided that you are ready to move forward with dental implants, we will finalize your treatment plan and begin to prepare everything you’ll need for your procedure. Once this exam is complete, you are ready to schedule your new mouth.

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Congratulations and welcome to the new world of great smiles and active lifestyle!  When you walk out of our office, your dental implants will be in place and you’ll go home with a temporary set of teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

It is important to keep in mind there is a recovery period following your dental implant procedure and not everyone reacts the same way. Typically patients will be on a soft food diet for several weeks to a few months while their implants heal. During this time, you will come back in for several follow-ups to ensure that everything is healing properly.

This period of recovery is most important and your oral hygiene is the deciding factor on the rate you heal. Take care of the surgical site and the rest of your mouth. Your nutrition will give you the energy and healing factors your body needs to go through this period.

You have made it! This is the final step!

You have gone through the worst of it and now the rewards are ten-fold. When your mouth has completely healed and your new dental implants firmly in, we will replace your temporary teeth with your new permanent teeth. This is the day that your new lifestyle begins and your smile will be lighting the way.

Next time you are in the office for your check-up, please address any questions to our team and we will be able to begin the process of qualifying you for the implants.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office by telephone (323) 336-8478 or email us at: smiles@dentistlosangeles.com

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