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I am a big fan of the service I received from Dr. Elyassi. I am very impressed with the outcome of my visit here. Lots of dentists brag about how great they are and whatnot, but very few actually come through when it matters most. The precision and care he demonstrates while working on patients is way beyond what you'd expect from most dentists. There isn't much room for error in dentistry and Dr. Elyassi knows this very well. Even as a total perfectionist, I was very happy with the result. And speaking of results, they were great. My teeth have never looked better. It's not all that important, but I found the office to be terrific. The whole place felt comfortable, the staff was cheerful and there was even a nice view of the surrounding neighborhood. To add a finishing touch to this already excellent experience, I got it all at a great discount from an Amazon deal. What's better than great service? Great service at a discount. I'd certainly recommend Elyassi to a friend, neighbor, or whoever. I'll definitely come back here the next time I need to visit a dentist.
Alec W.
Dr. Elyassi and his whole staff are incredible. I had the most wonderful treatment in this office and I cannot wait to go back. I had a deep cleaning done and I have never seen such a difference from any cleaning I've ever had. Everyone in the office was so nice and helpful and really made me feel at home. I have always wanted veneers and Dr.Elyassi was able to direct me to a plan to fix my teeth that made much more sense and cost me less! He gave me very honest opinions on everything that I wanted done and I really appreciated that.
Alison H.

What a wonderful place with great customer service. Everyone there is there to help and get what is best for you! Very well organized and friendly environment. Dr. Twerskyand all the doctors are magnificent And Chris and all the assistants are so helpful and humorous!Definitely reccomend!

got my new crown today with their new technology......no metal base , just a precise fit porcelain masterfully fitted by Dr Twersky . It felt natural right away and it looks amazing. I've been using their services for 5 years enjoying super friendly professional staff and great dental work. But this time I'm so impressed that I had to leave this great review, something I rarely do! My dental health has improved ever since I started using them. And my dentist phobia ..........is gone! Thank you Dr Elyassi.
Mike Z.
I have been coming to this studio for years. They accept all types of insurance and before I decided to come here I had called several dental studio's and compared their technology and services. At the time I had done my research, this dental studio had the most state-of-the-art technology. Just recently I broke a tooth and had to call on a Sunday night for an emergency. Dr. Elyassi, the owner, called me back immediately after I left an urgent voicemail, and he told me to go in first thing tomorrow morning and that they would take care of me. Everybody in this office is polite, friendly and professional. Dr. Twersky is a perfectionist. He does his job very diligently and explains to you during each step what he is doing. He is pretty awesome.
Sarah S.

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