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A TMJ disorder is a very common problem today with stress and work habits. Stress brings on clenching and grinding, some of us do it without even thinking about it.

With all the pressure we put on the jaw, the joint (TMJ) becomes painful and often, dislocates, making life unbearable. Migraines, headaches, backaches and sinus pressure are some of the symptoms of the disorder.

Your malocclusion from crooked teeth also throws your TMJ out of joint. Your back aches can also originate from your TMJ. The position of your neck during grinding and clenching will bring on unexplained backaches.

Your jaw (Mandible) is a free agent and operates on its own. It enables you to speak, chew, yawn and supports your teeth. It is filled with nerves and blood vessels and is regulated by your brain. When you are stressed, your brain tells your jaw to bite against your maxillary (upper arch) putting so much pressure that it gives you a headache or migraine.

You put so much pressure on your teeth, sometimes resulting in grinding. There’s nothing like the sound of grinding and gnashing of teeth. Your sinuses also take the brunt of all that pressure. When you are in that much pain, coping with the added stress of everyday life becomes unbearable.

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You are seeing your medical doctors and taking drugs to help you through the pain, but how do you solve what is causing the pain?

There are appliances you can wear to take the pressure off and realign your jaw to fit with your upper teeth.

Finally getting help and answers will make your life so much easier!

This is one more thing we can offer to help you out if wearing the appliance is not working fast enough for you. The word Botox is used for cosmetics; but today, we find that Botox injections are extremely useful in dentistry especially in calming your muscles in your jaw. It might even make you look younger by taking the stress off your facial muscles. Relaxation is key for looking youthful.

With technology and medication today, TMJ treatment is much more effective and will improve your everyday living. Just imagine, no more headaches! Wilshire Smile Studio has the answers for you. Let’s talk about it at your next appointment.

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