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Tooth Extraction

There’s nothing scarier than having a tooth extracted. Worse of all, the reason why it’s being extracted. Chipped, decayed, diseased, overcrowded teeth are painful and very unhealthy to hang on to. Waiting too long to have your teeth looked at and worked on will result in a diagnosis that will involve removing one or more teeth.

Infection and broken down teeth are not the only reason why we end up losing teeth. While developing, we are blessed with primary or baby teeth. As we grow, these baby fall out by themselves as the new and permanent teeth come in.

There are times when those permanent teeth do not do their jobs and the baby teeth have problems in root absorption and extraction is the only solution. Losing teeth is a very natural thing for a child but having them pulled may be traumatic. These childhood events of losing teeth remain in our memories for a lifetime.

As our permanent teeth come into their position, we may need help getting them in the appropriate arrangement in the jaw. We may end up with too many teeth and overcrowding occurs. We may need a number of teeth extracted to make room for all the teeth to fit on the arch and of course, both arches must match. Your orthodontist will make that decision by examining your x-rays and study models that you have had done in the preparation for your consultation.

There’s another set of problems when our last molars try to come in. Wisdom teeth are bigger and need to fit somehow into the final space of your jaw. These teeth can push against the back molars and cause quite a bit of pain. They can come sideways and cause major problems by affecting their neighbors.

Of course, this calls for wisdom teeth extraction that sometimes involves anesthesia and sedation, oral or IV sedation, whichever your oral surgeon and you determine is most appropriate.

There is also trauma and infection we have to talk about that result in extractions. Keeping infected teeth is also a risk of having a further infection in the neighboring areas. Our oral surgery team will be able to recommend the appropriate action to help you maintain the rest of your teeth.

When it’s time to extract, you want to be with a team that is compassionate, efficient and well trained and we at Wilshire Smile Studio have what you need. We will take good care of you.

If you have any questions or need to make your appointment, please feel free to contact our office by telephone (323) 336-8478 or email us at: smiles@dentistlosangeles.com

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